My Trip to Venice/parabola: view 1

Metallic leaf, Japan paint, oil linen and shellac on board
This work was inspired not only by the light and feeling of Venice, but by the leap of faith it took to get there.
The work is between objective oil paintings and mixed media pieces. Figurative and abstract, reflective and structured. Painted and wrapped. The form of the water, the geometry of that shape, became a primary concern. The word Parabola came to mind, as I worked on the segment of the arc- which I soon realized was not a semi-circle.
"Parabolic" it appears can refer to both the geometric shape and to pertaining to parables.
This painting, although there is an objective view to it, can be hung all 4 ways, like Revolution, to bring out its abstraction. I am not sure which way I like it best, yet.
This work is dedicated to my mom. Another painter, she would have been so pleased I had gone.