After drawing the largest tree, Oaxaca

At a showing of her squashes and other vegetals, 2023.

Joan was born in Dallas Texas.  At the age of 19 she boarded a bus to attend school in Mexico.  A year later she was forced to drop out and became a nanny and then taught english as a second language.  She stayed for 8 years, married and returned with her husband to Pennsylvania

Joan Roberts Garcia entered the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts at the age of 27. She was pregnant with her first of two children. Thus began two inextricably intertwined, equally demanding and rewarding yet often conflicting roles: that of a serious artist and as a single mother.  

She was awarded a travelling scholarship upon graduation, which she took in Spain- three-year-old daughter in tow. The Moorish architecture excited and inspired years of abstractions in mixed media, that combined spatial and physical opposites in accumulations that forced the viewer to give up trying to focus on parts and experience their effect instead- much like what is seen in nature.  
She moved to NYC from the Pojoaque area of New Mexico in the 90s- for her art.  There she continued making her art work, raising her children, and became involved in art education, splitting her time between the city and the wilderness of New Mexico.  Art production has continued, without stop, during all of her endeavors. In 2018 she purchased a little home in Placitas and in 2022 made the complete return.  She now makes art in her studio in Corrales, New Mexico. Her work can be seen by appointment. 

After years of comparing textures and patterns with natural materials and metal, showing natural layering and disintegration, Joan missed color and returned to oil painting. and two dimensional mixed media and painting.  A recurring theme is one of squashes and other organic forms, painted at dusk when they seem to disappear and become part of the darkness around them. Some of these paintings have titles that reveal themselves as self-portraits, such as, “Look What Happened to Cinderella” and “La Maternidad- perched”. The subject of redefinition that comes with later motherhood is also explored in “Once Upon a Time” a portrait of an empty rocking chair, springs exposed, caught in the shimmering light of dusk that bounces off its surface and her art studio around it.  She does not see a separation between the mixed media abstracts and more objective paintings as what she is exploring is a similarity of underlying formal qualities within diverse materials and subjects.  Subject matter is not important.  It is the form that counts.  

Space and geometry witnessed in landscapes are some current subjects Joan is exploring. She refers to some of these landscapes and nature-scapes as her "membrane paintings". Perhaps you can see why in Birch, and Turn in the Road, and very recently, Ojito.  Nature has always been the source of her inspiration, whether in the brambles. geological formations and trees she photographs, the subtle nuances of dusk light on organic forms, interiors, architectural and urban forms or in the natural process of tarnish in pieces such as Icon or Maine Winter.   

The production of Joan's art has continued, without stop, during all of her endeavors. In 2018 she purchased a little home in Placitas and in 2022 made the complete return back from New York City.  She now makes art in her studio in Corrales, New Mexico. Her work can be seen by appointment. 

5 Camino de los Pueblitos, Placitas, NM 87043 
2006     ABD in Art Education; Columbia University
1998      Ed.M in Art Education; Columbia University
1988      M.F.A. in Painting and Drawing; The University of Washington;
              Seattle, Washington
1981    Certificate in Painting and Drawing; The Pennsylvania Academy
            of the Fine Arts;Philadelphia
2023 One person exhibit, La Fonda del Bosque Gallery Hall, National Hispanic Cultural Center.  . 
2021- Presentation to CAS-  Contemporary Art Society, in studio at the Harwood Center, Albuquerque NM
2017. Photographs by Joan Roberts Garcia.  Chase, Abingdon Branch, NYC
2016.  At Dusk.  Westbeth Gallery.  NYC.  Two person show.
1999   Myung Sook Lee Gallery, Soho, New York
1991   Cloud Cliff Art Space, Santa Fe, NM
1986   Poe Ae Pi Gallery, Santa Fe NM
2022.  The Satchel Project.  Invited exhibit- result of NEA grant, curated by Sonja Horoshko. .                                            Cortez Community Center, Cortez Colorado. 
 2019- Winter Exhibit.  Westbeth, NYC
2013-2016    Participant in the Open Studio Tour, and High Line Open Studio Tours, West Chelsea Artists
2013    The Grant Show; Westbeth Gallery, West Village NYC. 
2012    1440 B Gallery, 601 W 26th St. Chelsea NYC
2010     Elizabeth Moss Gallery, Portland Maine
2009     Westbeth Gallery, NYC
2008     Faculty Exhibition, Maisley Gallery, UNM Albuquerque, NM
2007     Alumni Exhibition,PAFA, DUMBO, New York
2005     The Blossom Street Gallery, Houston Texas. "Pure Visuals". 
2005     The Cafe Pink, Santa Fe New Mexico; "Artists at Work"
2004     The Historic Santa Fe Foundation, Canyon Rd. Sant Fe NM.
            "Resident Artists of El Zaguan".
2001     Westbeth Gallery; NYC
1999     Centennial Juried Exhibition, The Fellowship of the Pennsylvania  
            Academy of Fine Arts, in
            The Museum of American Art, Philadelphia, PA.
1997     "Representation and Identity", Group Show, Macy Gallery,
            Teacher's College, Columbia   
            University, NYC.
1993     San Juan Community College, Farmington, New Mexico
1993     Juried Exhibition, The Fellowship of the Pennsylvania Academy of
            the Fine Arts; in the Phillip and Muriel Berman Museum of Art at
            Ursinus College, Collegeville, PA
1993     Spirit Arts, Santa Fe, in Collaboration with the Barber Shop
            Gallery, Taos.
1992     New Mexico Sculptor's Guild, St. John's University, Santa Fe, NM
1989     "New American Talent", Texas Art Association, Laguna Gloria
            Museum, Austin, Texas.  Juried by John Caldwell.
1989     "Women Becoming Painters", (Panelist/Presenter) Organized by
            the Institute of American Indian Art, Santa Fe, NM
1984     Clifford Gallery, Dallas Texas
1980 and 1981: Juried Exhibition of the Fellowship of  PAFA, Philadelphia,
2021 Selected presenter to members of CAS, Contemporary Art Society of NM, in Harwood Albuquerque Studio.  
2021. Finalist- The Gottlieb Individual Artist Support Grant. 
2018  Soaring Gardens Artist Residency; Ora Lerman Foundation, Penna.
2013- Finalist Gottlieb Foudation Individual Support Grant
2011   Grant- Artist's Fund Inc.
2004   Invited to present at the Second World Conference on Mulla
           Sadra; Tehran. Topic: "Form, Mimesis and the Metaphysical
           Stance as Evidenced in Islamic and Contemporary Western Art" 
2000   "The Embedded Iconography of Sigmar Polke" Chicago Art
, Spring 2000.
1997   (1) Jurors Award (2) Honorable Mention and (3) Touring Citation:
         "New American Talent", Laguna Gloria Museum; Austin Texas.    
          (Three different entries).
1986   Scholarship for Merit: School of Art, University of Washington,
          Seattle, Washington
1986    Poncho Scholarship; City of Seattle, Seattle, Washington
1981 from 1979: (The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts) Awards: 
          Henry Schiedt Travelling Scholarship '81, (taken in Spain and
          Portugal); Weiner Prize for Painting and Stauffer Prize for
          Excellence in Any Medium '81; Saunders Woods Prize for  
          Landscape Painting '79.
Private collections in the U.S and Mexico, and The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts
Continuous:   Development, fabrication and exhibition of own art work
College Level
2007-2008 Supervisor of student art teachers, The University of New
        Mexico, Albuquerque
2001, 2002 Bergen County Community College, NJ. Instructor of Life
        Drawing I, Drawing Fundamentals.
2000 New Jersey City University: Instructor of 2 Dimensional Design.
1993 The University of New Mexico at Gallup; Visiting Lecturer.  Two
        lectures: "Women in European and Early American Art History" and
        "A Multi-Cultural Presentation of Contemporary Work Being Done By
         Women Artists".
1992 Institute of American Indian Arts; Visiting Lecturer. "Women in Art";
        cross-cultural slide
         presentation and lecture focusing on work by women artists.
1992 Dine Community College, Shiprock NM. Art Instructor in
        Intermediate Painting and Lecturer of
        "Women in Art", a cross-cultural presentation/seminar.
1990 Consultant on Art Curriculum Writing: Towards a Native American
        Aesthtic, By Gloria Emerson;  
        Center for Research and Cultural Exchange, IAIA, Santa Fe, NM
1990 Painting Instructor, Joan Roberts Studio, Pojoaque, NM
1989 Guest Speaker, "Women Becoming Painters", forum organized by
        the Institute of American Indian Art, Santa Fe, NM
1987-1988 Teaching Assistant; Beginning and Intermediate Drawing and
        Advanced Painting, The University of Washington, Seattle,  
2016- Art Education demonstration to Fine Arts Teachers, with young children.  Presentation to teachers and parents. Oaxaca, Mexico
2012-2016 Art Classes to children in my studio.
2007 Arts Specialist.  "A Child's Garden"- Early Childhood Center.  
        Albuquerque, NM 
2007- University of New Mexico, Dept of Education, Supervisor of student art teachers
2003-2005 Arts Program Specialist: Santa Fe Public Schools, Santa Fe,
        NM.Responsible for designing and implementing the first state
        funded elementary art program. Duties included the development            
        of a visiting artist component; interviewing, support and supervision
       on a content level of art teachers; curriculum development for the  
       visual and performing arts, and the organization of a              
       multicultural Arts Advisory Committee.
Spring 2000 High School Art Instructor: Ceramics and Fundamentals;    
        Great Neck Public Schools,  Great Neck NY.
1999-2000 Art Teacher (Studio Practices, Photography, Ceramics,
        Sculpture), Edward R. Murrow High School, Brooklyn, NY. 
1998-1999 K-12 Art Teacher, Special Ed. Lorge Non-Public School,
        Manhattan, New York. 
Spring 1998 K-12 Art Teacher; P.S. 164Q.  Full time replacement; multi-
        cultural Public School in Queens, NY.
Fall 1998 Student Teaching; Fiorello Laguardia High School for the Visual
         and Performing Arts, NYC.
1993 Art Instructor for the Summer Program, Pojoaque Schools,NM.