Tapestries intrigue me although I am not a weaver. In my painting and mixed media works I weave incongruities together, showing similarities witnessed in nature. I am drawn to the ephemeral - the glimpse, an edge lit up, light that changes into darkness at dusk; and the subtle-an edge, a bulging form that suggests some force "behind".  I paint by natural light, often from mid-afternoon until dark, starting the process again the next day. The result ,in the dusk paintings, is a record of gradually reversing color and spatial relationships - not a depiction of a light that exists at any one moment.

My fascination with light, confusion and reversals of all sorts appears according to the properties and processes of the medium used: Through depiction in objective paintings, through light absorption and reflection off diverse materials (metal, wood, canvas) in mixed media works and sculptures, and in captured images of light and the confusion of nature in the photographs.

Sculptures and two sided pieces present differing, even opposite aspects of a subject simultaneously. The material that best expresses an idea suggests itself at the beginning of the process and determines its form. I try to get myself out of the way so that this can happen. 

Landscape paintings are most usually concerned with connections made; its layers, and elegant geometry.

Subject matter is secondary. I focus on simple forms that act as supports for the light and shadows that surround and engulf them.   

I consider myself a multi- disciplinary artist.